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Workshops and coaching sessions are usually too short. This is why very often we have to focus on a few topics only and cannot answer all questions as detailed, as we would like to. This is why we had the idea of opening a Blog:
If you should have any question, let us know. Send us an e-mail in English, German, French or Russian. We will gladly answer your questions (in English) within a week. With the Blog others can profit from your questions and answers too. You don’t have to register anywhere and we won’t reveal your personal data anywhere.



Acting Methods for Leadership and Communication

06 April 2021
It is obvious, that I use acting methods for presentation trainings. With my 30 years’…

Stay connected to learning

01 November 2020
Photo: A. Preobrajenskij No question: Trainings and personal development are essential…
Background of red brick wall pattern texture. Great for graffiti inscriptions.

From Story Telling to Dialogue

08 Juni 2020
Nobody denies the importance of story telling. The term is very fashionable nowadays. But…
test klein

Personal Assessment vs. Behaviour Assessment

26 April 2020
Most assessments nowadays include at least one online test to evaluate the personality of…

C'est le ton qui fait la musique

23 Februar 2020
Maybe you are familiar with the situation: You had something important to say. And you…

Leadership Styles

10 Februar 2020
Recently a workshop participant claimed, the best leadership style would be the red…

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