Personal Assessment vs. Bahavioural Assessment

Most assessments nowadays include at least one online test to evaluate the personality of a candidate. The result should help to decide, weather the candidate has the talent, the ability, the right features for a role. But what is right and wrong e.g. in leadership? Some tests claim indeed they can tell you whether you are the “born leader” or not.

But what is actually measured? Can you measure talent in an online test? Can you tell me please, what is right and wrong in team work? (Apart from being transparent, respectful, intelligent etc. – but this is common sense and is usually not part of such a test.) 

There are so many different personal concepts and styles that work very well. And anyway, what you measure is rather what people think they should do, than what they are. Meaning you can measure behaviour but not personality! And if someone claims to be able to test your personality, would they know how you react in any situation, under pressure, in a team or in a leadership position?

Since these answers are not satisfactory, we have developed a model, that reflects your behaviour instead of claiming to assess your personality and talent. And we have as well designed a set of tests assessing your working-style, your leadership-style, your team-behaviour and the way you communicate.

If you’re interested, we will gladly offer you the opportunity to test our tests and get useful and practise oriented answers in your assessments and for other relevant occasions.

Dan Wiener, 26. April 2020