Leadership Styles

Recently a workshop participant claimed, the best leadership style would be the red style. This might maybe be true for other methods, but it is not the case according to the 3D-Behaviour Method. 
The 3D-Behaviour Method is a behaviour method and not a personality method. As you probably know, there is not a single concept of leadership, which works. Each person has a personal leadership style, which you can develop by being more positive and dynamic, giving clear messages and as well being able to integrate the different behaviour styles in your team. This is what is understood by „3D-Leadership“.
In a first step find out, what your preferred style is. Then learn more about positive and negative features of your style. And then learn also other styles to apply the right behaviour and communication style in the right moment with the right person.
The picture suggests leadership is all about being big and standing tall. It is nice to protect your team from headwind, but leadership is most of the times a challenge to understand and make yourself understood, and to include your partners into the development of your strategy.

Dan Wiener, 20. February 2020